When shooting actual portraits — conscientious portraits, not mere headshots — the tripod is one of your most important tools; and not simply to be able to tilt the camera or “lock” in on one point. The tripod is your most important tool of COMPOSITION. Lock that in, so your camera and lens don’t meander from frame to frame! It also makes you focus your thoughts — not just your lens — on the result you’re trying to achieve. Using a tripod will keep any photographer from shooting sloppily, so one doesn’t have to do the kinds of cropping you describe further below.

How quickly photographers forget, having grown up with digital. Don’t get lazy!

Here are some more thoughts about portraiture: https://medium.com/@Zimberoff/portraits-on-camera-a388c67e276d?source=friends_link&sk=cb2685b1bba8a6b0372e969d5daae28a

Yes, and no pineapple on pizza is allowed!

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