Let me substitute dangerous for stupid.

The writer promoted his “PRO TIP” in an irresponsibly misleading context, failing to heed the authoritative nature of responsible photojournalism. A poorly informed, or misinformed, public’s failure to understand professional standards of criticism has allowed photography — particularly photojournalism — to become virtual background noise. That is dangerous and stupid.

“PRO TIP: Have your subjects look at something outside the picture frame to make the story seem larger than the photograph itself.”

Given the benefit of doubt, perhaps the writer did not intend to imply proactive direction on the part of the photojournalist. Nevertheless, that does not excuse his error. The “tip” implies that the photograph was directed, posed. That’s NOT what photojournalists do.

I would have had no reason to make my criticism if the writer did not imply proactive direction of the subjects depicted in this scene. No one should ever be given any possible excuse to either argue or believe that photojournalists manipulates their output, full stop.

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ARTREPRENEUR, PHOTOGRAPHER, CLARINETIST, MOTORCYCLIST Fate follows the path of least resistance. Success follows the path of maximum persistence.

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