Those are very kind words Don. Thank you.

I’d like to see your film. Is there any other venue than Amazon? As a matter of principle —I’m a curmudgeon, but not anti-tech — I eschew anything to do with Amazon; social media too (with the exception of Medium, which is a lot different). What you’re doing for military and first responders is commendable. You don’t need me to tell you that, though.

The next time you get to the City (I live in the Outer Sunset), look me up. If you email me ( I shoot you a phone number. I would be happy to see that you get a print of “George & Yoda” to keep with your vintage Polaroid, if you wish. (We used to call them “paranoids” back in the day.)

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ARTREPRENEUR, PHOTOGRAPHER, CLARINETIST, MOTORCYCLIST Fate follows the path of least resistance. Success follows the path of maximum persistence.

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