This entire article is preposterous. It shows an utter lack of knowledge and understanding of photographic technique. Go back to school before you try to pontificate technique to unwitting readers!

What the heck, for instance, is all this convoluted and unnecessary reasoning about getting the right exposure in a studio setting with strobes by resorting—if you’re only thinking about it — neutral density filters indoorsor changing ISOs, control exposure — when all you need to do is dial-down the output of your strobes. You don’t have to blast the entire output of a capacitor every time you make an exposure. Buy a flash meter if you have to! You’ve got a goddam screento preview your results. People who actually understood what they were doing had to use Polaroid film to test exposures and the working mechanical order of their cameras, lenses, shutters, and strobes. Photographers who’ve known nothing but digital have got it so much easier. Except youstill don’t get it.

As for choosing an f1.2 lens, again in a studio setting, because you want shallow depth of [sic]focus (I think you mean depth-of-field) by shooting wide open, how about, instead, you learn how to control depth of field with the judicious use of focal length; not aperture. That way you might also learn how to control perspective and shoot at median apertures for optimum optical sharpness.

Geez! This is nonsense.

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ARTREPRENEUR, PHOTOGRAPHER, CLARINETIST, MOTORCYCLIST Fate follows the path of least resistance. Success follows the path of maximum persistence.

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