No acquirer did extensive due diligence. They didn’t know jack shit about the photo business anyway. In my article “Distrupting Stock Photography” I have explained that, unlike buying a record label which would include a library of songs plus publishing rights, or buying a Hollywood movie studio that owns an archive of feature films, and other than some notably large collections of historically valuable and timeless photographs that were previously in the public domain or had become the property of an erstwhile photo agency, the photographers owned the intellectual property managed by their agents, their copyrighted photographs, not the agencies themselves. Guys like me ran for the woods and took our picture collections with us when Getty and Corbis came huffing and puffing at the door. Corbis bought the “Emperor’s New Clothes.”

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ARTREPRENEUR, PHOTOGRAPHER, CLARINETIST, MOTORCYCLIST Fate follows the path of least resistance. Success follows the path of maximum persistence.

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