I’m happy you enjoyed the story, Paul. And the idea kind of was to throw the reader a curveball with the title. 😉

“Confessions…” by John Perkins, published many years after my adventures in Panama, only confirmed my good opinion of Omar Torrijos. He was a good guy. You might also enjoy reading a related Medium story about Reagan & Torrijos: https://medium.com/@Zimberoff/a-funny-thing-happened-on-my-way-to-photograph-the-president-37242406446f.

Finally, Perkins published a follow-up book, in 2007, that I think is also a good read: “The Secret History of the American Empire”

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ARTREPRENEUR, PHOTOGRAPHER, CLARINETIST, MOTORCYCLIST Fate follows the path of least resistance. Success follows the path of maximum persistence.

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